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🔥+ Woodworking Plans 28 May 2020 Check out this step-by-step build of how to make your own halfpipe. ... You can find the Mini-Ramp Plans ...Since then our business has grown and expanded from do-it-yourself traceable halfpipe and quarterpipe ...

Woodworking Plans This step by step woodworking project is about cornhole game plans free. This article features detailed instructions for building a simple wood cornhole ...

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First Microscope Study First Microscope Study
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DIY Microscope Slide Kit - for a five year old

Some add ons for Caspar's microscope study. A study journal and a DIY slide kit. The journal is for recording observations. It's nice and thick to encourage Caspar to use the pages freely. 50 printed pages and 50 blank pages. 

His microscope came with a kit that included glass slides and stains. It also included some prepared slides made from laminated card. While I could laminate our specimens I wanted Caspar to be able to prepare his slides completely independently. 

His DIY Microscope Slide Kit contains card (we've used recycled card from a cereal box) cut to size, a hole punch, clear tape, tweezers and a pen. To get started we made these together; a fly leg (which looks amazing under the microscope!!), a fly wing and an ant. The tape works well as it makes the image two dimensional which is much easier for a young child to focus. Almost anything could be made into a slide, the options are endless!

the 1 last update 28 May 2020 ..
Edited: 8 January. Please let me know if this works for you. Below you will find the image for the cover. I print this on card and cut it to size a few millimeters larger than the contents pages. The second document is the contents. I cut each page in half and made the book half printed - half blank pages. I simply used a hole punch, a back cover and some hinged rings (these are 25mm) to complete the book.   
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