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Ryobi BTS10S Table Saw Review

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The Ryobi BTS10S has proven to be a popular woodworking tool based simply on the fact it has remained in the market for some time. Tools that don''t stand the test of time. I wouldn''s light weight. The BTS10S includes a 15 amp direct drive motor. One of the advantages of this motor is the moderate soft start it utilizes.
The disadvantage with most direct drive table saws is that the depth of cut that can be achieved from direct drive motors is often less than belt drive units. In many ways this could be an advantage for this tool in that the power of the motor is such that it is really designed for more lightweight work. To help put some perspective into the power of the motor or this unit, it is comparable to most good quality circular saws with comparable 13 and 14 amp motors.

The BTS10S comes with a standard lower quality 10 inch blade. Anyone purchasing a unit like this would be well advised to purchase a good quality combination blade such as a Freud or CMT. This change alone will make a BIG difference to the performance and use of this saw.

We sound the fence system to be adequate for a saw of this caliber. We would not recommend anyone attempt to cut full sheets of plywood on this saw, but smaller, shorter cuts worked fine. The fence system was quite accurate on our model, but owing to the small table top, and thus shorter fence, ripping longer boards was somewhat challenging.

One of the most innovative ideas for this saw is it''self was, we felt pretty good quality for the price. Our recommendation for a saw like this, is that this saw would be fine for casual woodworking jobs and moderate DIYers. Anyone who is somewhat serious about woodworking will outgrow this saw quickly. We gave this unit a good thumbs up, based on the knowledge that this saw has a specific duty and is designed for casual, more light weight work, and for such is very well suited.